Wednesday, 21 March 2012

April Showcase Announcement!

Evening all,

As promised yesterday, here's further details for our next Showcase which will be in April.

Friday 27th April to Monday 30th April

Where? and

We've decided not to have a theme as such this time instead it's BEST OF CRAFTY-BITZ!

How can I join in?
Instead of submitting your 3 photos with links and descriptions by email what we want you to do is submit up to 
6 of your favourite / best items 
and upload them directly into the specially created photo album on the crafty bitz website called "The best of Crafty-Bitz". Please make sure you upload them into this album otherwise your fab products won't be include!
For detailed instructions on how to do this simply email:

How will the showcase work?
From there WE will choose 3 of your items to put in the showcase so you need to make sure that when you upload your photos they are of the highest quality, have detailed descriptions with links to where people can buy them directly.

When is the closing date for submissions?
As with previous showcases, the deadline for submissions is 7 days before the showcase so 
Midnight Friday 20th April