Thursday, 8 December 2011

Our commitments to you

There have been some recent events that have come to our attention over the last week whereby pages / groups etc that have been set up to support handmade / promote handmade businesses have either disbanded or made to disband due to issues with those pages / groups.

We thought this would be a good opportunity to let everyone know what our commitments to you as members / likers of the facebook page / twitter followers / blog followers are:

1. Free
Crafty-Bitz has been and always will be a free site. You will never have to pay to become a member. We do have a donate button but that is completely optional, in fact we only got our first donation recently. Any money that we do receive will go into improving the site i.e. removing adverts etc. When we have arranged the logistics of how the showcases will work we will be asking all members whether they would prefer to have a small charge for them to make changes to the website or to keep them free. We are here for our members after all.

2. Quantity vs Quality
We don't believe in marches / silent tagging / ladder things or anything else that just generates a huge quantity of likers. We believe in quality over quantity every time. We have already made you aware of our plans for showcases which we think are much more beneficial to potential customers as they get to see your products and what you have to offer. As above we will gain your feedback regarding costs for these. We are also regularly posting earlier albums that have been shared on our website to remind people of your products

3. Fair
As you know, we both have our own businesses (and full time jobs) that we run alongside Crafty-Bitz and while we will take opportunities to advertise our businesses i.e. offers we have, adverts on the website and the blog, we will never bombard you with info or use it as a platform just for ourselves. Likewise, we have no favouritism amongst our members and everything we do we do fairly. For example our member of the day is a random draw from an envelope and only once everyone's had their turn will all names be put back into the envelope to start again!

4. Member feedback
Everything we do, we believe is in our members best interests, if for any reason you don't agree with something we're doing, please email us and let us know. Or write on our facebook page, we will never block anyone from our facebook pages or anywhere else for voicing their opinions. We have nothing to hide and want our members to feel they can have honest communications with us.

As always if you have any suggestions on other things we can be doing to help promote the facebook page, the website and you, do let us know


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