Friday, 2 December 2011

Welcome to Crafty-Bitz

To compliment the website and the facebook page, Crafty-Bitz now has a blog too!

So what is Crafty-Bitz?

It's a FREE online gallery for crafters and artists everywhere to showcase their talents and an opportunity to find unusual handcrafted gifts.

Think of us as an 24/7 online craft fair!

How do you get involved?

Simply register on the website using either your facebook or an email address, create your profile and start uploading photos of your choice. Simply put contact details as a description on each photo so people can contact you if they're interested in purchasing one of your items.

Once you have done that, if you email us with links to your facebook page, twitter account, blog, website, online shops etc the we can add you to our member directory too. Member benefits are described below.

How can you contact us?

You can either email us:

Or come on over to our facebook page and contact us there

What will Crafty-Bitz do for me?

In return for uploading your photos onto our site and sharing our fab facebook page, we have the following to help you too:

1. Member of the day - all members who submit links to their facebook, twitter, blog, website, shops etc go into a lucky dip draw. Once a day a member is picked at random and they're advertised on our website and facebook page

2. Themed showcases - A bit like an online craft fair, but more of a showcase which will be available all year round on our facebook page. First one isn't planned yet but looking like end of January for our first one, with a Valentine's day theme, which will be FREE!

3. Meet our members feature - This will be an on-going feature so all members submit a photo of their choice and a short paragraph about them, their business and what they do.

4. Do you have a sale, giveaway, discount, local fair coming up? Let us know and we'll advertise it for you.

You need to be a member to do this so we can point people in your direction, so don't forget to submit your links once you've registered!

And what can members do for Crafty-Bitz?

All we ask from our members is to actively upload photos onto the website, get involved on our facebook page and spread the word. Crafty-Bitz can't be a success without you and your input.

So that's Crafty-Bitz in a nutshell. We hope you join us on our journey to put handmade crafts on the map!

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